Are you looking for a professional Pest control agency in Toronto? Then check out the various services offered by our qualified and licensed crew at Pest Rover. We specialize in not just eliminating the pest, but also getting rid of the root cause of the pest infestation for long-lasting satisfaction, for you the client.

Pests are attracted to your home or business due to a variety of reasons; like moisture, warmth, or the presence of food bits. We take care to identify the source of the pest attack and then employ safe and effective pest control services for homes and offices.

What services do we offer?

You can rely on us for a range of pest control services such as:

  1. Bed bug control
  2. Termite control
  3. Elimination of pests like lizards, cockroaches, ants, beehives, and flies.
  4. Rat control

Allowing the pests to grow in your house or workplace can cause serious damage. It is best to call in the experts from Pest Rover to get rid of the pests, without comprising the health and safety of other people working or residing on the premises.

Reasons to go for our Pest control services in Toronto

The use of eco-friendly materials to counter pest invasion helps your family and co-workers to remain safe from the adverse effects of chemicals. Since we eliminate the source of the pest invasion, you get long term benefits and remain protected from future pest attacks. Our commercial pest control services are offered to a range of establishments such as schools, colleges, malls, retail spaces, and health care buildings.

You are sure to be pleased with the committed and friendly crew that comes to your home and offices to carry out the pest control services. At Pest Rover, we serve Toronto and neighbouring areas.

Say Goodbye to Pests and Say Hello to A Healthy Life with Pestrover

Have pests taken over your home or your office? Are you worried that the arrival of these unwanted members may affect the health of your loved ones?

Then it is time to say goodbye to them with our expert range of services only at Pestrover.


Pests may attack a house for a variety of reasons, but the most dominant among them is the easy availability of food moisture and shelter. Identifying the exact cause of the pest infestation requires an expert, which is what you get at Pestrover.

We do not just drive out pests; we also find out the exact reason behind the pest infestation in your house. Following this, we cut down their sources of food and shelter. Thus, once you have availed our services, you can be sure that the same pests will not return to your house.

Our Services

  • Pest control Markham

    Pest Control

    We help you in getting rid of ants, flies, lizards, beehives, cockroaches, and any other pest that is causing any disturbance in your house, office, or surrounding. Our experts use eco- friendly methods and natural remedies to remove pests without...

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  • Termite Control

    Termites feed on wood and other forms of cellulose and may even weaken the structure of your house. Depending upon the situation, we use different methods that range from liquid termite control, wood treatment, fumigation, and others to get rid...

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  • Bed bug exterminator Toronto

    Bed Bugs

    Our experts identify the exact place where the ​ bed bugs​ have attacked or are likely to attack. Following the identification process, we use the least toxic and the safest method to rid the termites once and for all. If...

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  • Mice control Richmond hill

    Rat Control

    Rats can cause extensive damage to your property while also carrying the risk of several diseases along with it. While rats can elude the traps set by you, they are unable to escape the hands of our expert exterminators who...

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At Pestrover, we can proudly say that we are the leading ​ pest control​ service in the region.With our round the clock availability as well as free consultation and estimate, we ensure that our clients remain fully satisfied with our work. Further, we use the most eco- friendly and scientific methods of removing the pests so that our practices do not leave any negative impact on your health or the environment. Get in touch with us today to find out more!