Rat Control

Rats can cause extensive damage to your property while also carrying the risk of several diseases along with it. While rats can elude the traps set by you, they are unable to escape the hands of our expert exterminators who will block every entry point for the rats. Our ​ rat control​ service also takes down the existing population of the rat sothat your home remains just yours, and you need not share them with the unwanted members.

Have rats made their nest in your kitchen? Are they eating your food, contaminating the house, biting your pots? Then it’s time for a rat control service.

Rodents have been an issue of absolute terror for a long time as the history stands as proof.
They don’t only eat your ration or destroy your books but also carry deadly diseases like rat plague, Salmonella, Tuberculosis, and Leptospirosis, and so on.

If you detect something scurrying around in your house, hear scratching noises, find bite marks, or detect ammonia like the smell, there is a strong chance there are rats in your home. If you find droppings or burrows, it’s a sign rats are here.

ant to get rid of these pesky little creatures? Call us at Pestrover, and our experts will protect you from the outbreak of rat infestation. With us, you can rest assured that rats are not coming back. We provide all kinds of services to eliminate the menace of pests, including rat control.

We do mice control in Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Brampton, and Toronto.

How We Do It

If it’s one or two rats, you can get them with a rat trap. But we are talking about an infestation here, and only professionals can handle that. A proper rat control involves not only getting rid of the rats, but also sanitizing the house.

If you have kids or infants in your house, then you should be even more cautious since they get affected first and can suffer from rat bites also. If your business has got rat infestation, your property will face damage, and it will create a bad reputation. Hence it makes perfect sense to call in the pros in rat extermination in Mississauga.

Our service of rat control includes inspecting the house, finding out the hiding places of rats, the entry and exit points. Mice are smaller than rats, so our experts will look for opening accordingly and seal them.

Next comes laying the traps. Rats are very suspicious of anything new and tend to avoid them.
Our experts will use the baits cautiously and lay the traps. If the rat population is small enough, traps will do. For a large population, poison bets will be used to kill the rats.
Finally, we will dispose of all the dead rats and sanitize your house using the best products available and kill the rat odor.

Why Us?

Pestrover experts are trained and experienced. They can quickly detect the rat hideouts and provide an efficient solution. We will make sure your house is safe and clean, and the rats don’t return. We use the most advanced products and types of equipment available in the market, which sets us apart.

Where to find us

Pestrover provides rat control in Toronto and Brampton. We also do mice control in Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, Newmarket, and Richmond Hill. Call us anywhere, and we’ll be there!

Call us now before the rats start a plague! At Pestrover, we have the expertise and resources to get the job done for long term protection from mice.