Pest Control

We help you in getting rid of ants, flies, lizards, beehives, cockroaches, and
any other pest that is causing any disturbance in your house, office, or surrounding. Our
experts use eco- friendly methods and natural remedies to remove pests without
affecting your health

High Impact Pest Control Service Delivered by a Courteous Team

Are you suffering from any pest infestation in the house? Are you looking for an effective solution for it? Reach out to the experts through Pestrover.

Pestrover is the leading pest control service in the North York area. From flies and termites to animals, bees, and bed bugs, we tackle every kind of pests and make your house and commercial properties the right place for you and your near ones.

When should you call us?

For ages man and animals have been a constant war against each other for the place of habitation and source of food. Even as men have begun to live in the most advanced of cities, this intrusion continues in the form of pest infestation. Pests are likely to target those places where they can easily find sources of food, a safe shelter along with moisture. Once they have favorable conditions, the population of pests rises rapidly, and it gets challenging to exterminate them. Therefore, you should call for our Services as soon as you notice any of the following signs:

1. Greasy marks on the walls or the cabinets

2. Damaged structures

3. Unaccountable damage to the plants

4. Deposition of food crumbs in nooks and corners

5. Drooping of the pest.

Our services

We are the leading pest control service in the North York region owing to our innovative techniques along with our exceptionally skilled technicians who take up your problem as if it were their problem. Further, they also devise ways in which they cannot just get rid of the existing population of the pests, but also provide a means so that you do not suffer from any similar infestation in the future. Call for all pest control services in Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, Newmarket, and Richmond Hill.

Our methods are eco-friendly

We understand the value of your health as well as the environment. That is why we do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides that can impact the situation in a negative way. Instead, we combine our traditional knowledge along with our environmentally friendly range of products so that while your home is free from the pests, it remains a hundred percent safe for your loved ones.

We tackle all types of pests

Do you think that beehive removal and animal control would require the services of two different pest control teams? Well, not with Pestrover. While most of the Pest control Companies in Toronto deal with only specific types of pests, that is not the case with Pestrover. Every small and large pest can be dealt with equal ease by our experts.

We are with you 24x 7

Our assistance is available to you round the clock, so you do not have to think twice before you call us. What is more, our team will respond to you in the shortest duration of time, so you do not have to keep waiting for us. Just get in touch and we will be right there to help you out.