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We are a group of highly efficient workers who specialize in driving pests away from your home. We are based in North York, Ontario, and you can avail of our residential pest control service in Toronto, Brampton, and Mississauga,

Know Our Job!

Is your house crawling with tiny ants that you can control? And you feel like they are everywhere and you have no idea where they’re coming from! You have probably tried all the home remedies, but nothing seemed to work. What you need now is a team of professional pest controllers.

Pests like cockroaches, ants, lizards, spiders, bed bugs, rats, termites can cause not only discomfort but they are also a health hazard. Spider bites can sometimes prove to be lethal; cockroaches carry diseases, and rats can start a massive scale plague. Termites can dig into your wooden objects and destroy them, and a swarm of termites is a constant annoyance.

You can try your home remedies, but only experts can handle a full-fledged pest infestation service for your home in Vaughan, Markham, Newmarket, and Richmond Hill. Our experienced experts will come equipped with high-quality, specialized tools and pest repellents and clear your house of any trace of bugs.

How We Help You

First of all, our team comprises skilled and experienced experts. Our employees know their job and can work efficiently. We will thoroughly inspect every corner of your house and find and seal all the entrance points and hideouts of these bugs. We make sure to get rid of the flaws with our advanced, efficient instruments.

We will directly inject the repellents that will prevent re-infestation and spray the house to kill any remaining bugs. We also use a solution to protect your furniture and other properties from being attacked again by pests. Be it rats or mosquitoes; we have an answer for them all.

Once we are done, we will clean and sanitize your house, so there are no dead bugs, droppings, or bad odor left. The sanitization process also kills diseases carried in by the pests. When we go, we leave your house safe, clean and protected.

What sets us apart? Well, apart from high-quality service, we also don’t charge anything absurd. We care for our customers, and that’s why we provide an affordable service for everyone so you can sleep peacefully at night.

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Our office is on Yonge Street, North York, Ontario. You can walk into our office and give us a call or drop an email. We always get back to our customers very quickly to provide swift service with utmost care. Contact us, and we will give Residential Pest Control in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill. We will listen to your problem and note it down so we can understand better and provide top quality service.

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For effective residential pest control, our experts will make sure you get comprehensive support. Contact us now at Pest Rover. We deliver best-in-class residential pest control service and make your home free from the pesky pests.